Add a new cursor to the chart module ( Not easy chart)

Hello guys!

Is possible to add a new cursor to the chart module of Ignition ( not easy chart)
I need have two cursors in the chart

IF is possible there anyone can write me a example?

Thank you very much


You can change to any of the existing cursors by changing the value of:


Edit: If you mean 2 cursors at the same time then :scratch:

Hi Johnson

Maybe I described my needs badly.

I need to add another vertical cursor to the chart , to pick two different points in the same pen ( see picture)

Is possible?

Thanks a lot


Ooo! That’s a very good idea. Would make it very easy to work with custom time spans. I’ll have to add this to the NoteChart module I recently published.


Notechart module!?? :astonished:

Can you give me a link to download it?

Best regards


NoteChart Module. If you don’t actually need the pen value display for both X-Traces, the module can already do what you want with one or more dynamically generated annotations.

Also see the announcement forum thread.