Add a space between each category bars (xy chart component)

Hi, I am trying to add a space on the xy chart between categories:

I have been looking into other topics. And I found these two topics useful:

How to add space between category bars - XY Chart

Bars distance in XY Chart

However, there's an error in my script saying that the "array.array" object has no attribute 'getRowCount'

Any hints for me?

Your Query return type is JSON, but getRowCount is a DataSet function.
Try this instead:
for row in range(0, len(value))

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Thank you. Now it's complaining about the getValueAt

Because... getValueAt is a DataSet function.

return [
        "NestId": value[i]["NestID"]  # access like this
    } for i in range(lenvalue))
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Better might be:

return [dict(blank=0,blank1=0, **value)]
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Thank you very much for your help!