Add bullet points to Time Series Chart

How do I add bullet points to a trendline on a time series chart trend? I assume it's supported since it's shown in d3's documentation on trends' interpolation that the Inductive Docs links to.

The way I got mine to work was adding a duplicate trend item set as a "scatter type". if you leave all the other props the same it gives the same effect.


This is a very clever way.

when adding another trend, at the legend display, it will have a duplicate legend how do you get rid of it?

I ended up turning the legend visibility off and creating my own legend. I did a script to dynamically add the correct number of "legend items" and set their color based on the original trend column items.

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This idea works well, but I haven't been able to follow the part where you create the correct number of legends using script.
Is this script onStartup of the component? Also how are you accessing the .text or .value property of legends.
I wanted to use the same for the infoBox on xTrace.

I put a binding on the instances of a flex repeater that uses a "legend" object with a name and color property. then I had to make sure I could tell my "fake" series apart from the others, so I named it something specific, could also do that with an added property though. If the series changes, the legend will update.