Add calculated pens (sum of two pens, difference of two pens, etc) to Perspective Power Chart

I have two tags with history configured, TagA and TagB. I have a Power Chart in Perspective that I have added both tags to. Is there a way to configure a tag on the Power Chart TagC = TagA+TagB without configuring TagC as an expression tag with its own history?

I'm looking to have similar functionality to the Calculated Pens available in the Easy Chart component in Vision


+1 for this feature, and another similar need would be a shifted tag: in order to compare for the same value a week and the previous week on the same chart

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+1 here as well. On the Vision Easy Chart we often use the calculated pens feature and there doesn't seem to be a way to even roll your own with the Perspective Power Chart as the underlying datasets for each pen are not exposed.

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