Add easy chart to the popup window

i have created a UDT and template for motor and my main window has two motors 1 & 2 which uses a motor template. when i click the motor 1 a popup window should open showing tag values of motor 1 in a easy chart similarly for motor 2 and i am able to assign the motor tags to display individually in a popup window but i am unable to assign the UDT motor tags on easy chart which is on a popup window and displays tag of the motor.

Check out this forum thread:


thanks for the link, i used the same procedure as shown in the video easy chart in popup is working but an error is displayed as shown below.

Exception: Error running query:
TagHistory(paths=[[[]]Invalid, [[]]Invalid, [[]]Invalid, [[]]Invalid, [[]]Invalid, [[]]Invalid], start=Fri Feb 08 10:19:17 IST 2013, end=Fri Feb 08 10:24:17 IST 2013, flags=0)@1000ms
On: popup 1.Root Container.Easy Chart
caused by GatewayException: Datasource “[]” does not exist in this Gateway.
caused by SQLException: Datasource “[]” does not exist in this Gatewa

The database your trying to query does not exist on the gateway. Check your syntax