Add file in modl with ignition maven plugin

I would like to add a file in a module.modl
I use a third party lib added with maven dependency and I need to add some file in the module.modl, just near the third party lib jar file.
How to achieve that with ignition maven plugin ???

It doesn’t look like there’s an easy way to do this, but I’m not sure it matters because there’s no way your third party jar would find this file in the module anyway. What’s the requirement here?

Hi @Kevin.Herron, my module integrate a JAR library file.

With this lib it’s mentionned that for better voice quality you might also copy the “mediaench” files (some DLLs : .dll, .dylib, .jnilib, .so) to your app folder (near your java or jar files). This contains some platform dependent native binaries to optimize audio processing and the sip client will select the correct one to be used automatically if found.

Sounds like they need to be in java.library.path, which is lib:lib/core/gateway in gateway scope and I think it’s default/system dependent in client/designer scope.

I need theses files for the Client/Designer scope for Vison Client on windows 10…
So I can’t deliver them with the module ? I need to manually copy the file in a windows PATH directory ?

Putting them inside the module won’t do anything because those jars won’t be able to find them. JARs aren’t loaded out of the module directly, they’re copied to some temp directory and loaded there.

If you want to deliver them with your module, pack them inside one of your JAR files and extract them yourself on module startup.

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Ok I see thanks a lot

By the way, How you can acces to client temp directory ? from client scope to extract file from the jar with somethink like

Include the files as resources under src/main/resources and use getResourceAsStream to access them.

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