Add FTP server to WebDev?

Anyone else ever run into this?

I have a scenario where I’d love to have an FTP client shoot a file over to Ignition, where it would be handled in the webdev module, similar to an HTTP POST.

Currently I have a separate FTP server application that allows you to configure a hook on the file received event. I have that setup to call a shell script that reads the file and sends an HTTP POST to Ignition then deletes the file from the FTP server on a successful response.

The file format is not what we want it to be, so it’s nice to be able to clean that up with Python before the data is persisted.

Wonder how others feel about this as a feature request? Or give me a better way :slight_smile:

Does the device originally sending the file to the FTP server also support normal HTTP operations?

The two methods(FTP/HTTP) are very different and will not talk to each other.

You can probably roll your own FTP server using built in/additional JAVA libraries.(In good news, this does not require the WebDev module, bad news, it requires you to manage a background async thread)

The only other way is to have something act like a gateway to convert the FTP to an HTTP POST (Like your FTP server is doing now)

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