Add image ar Report from button

I am working with: reportBytes = (path = “Reporte_Alarma”, project = “SATTR”, parameters = overrides, fileType = “pdf”)
In the parameters I want to add an address of an image (.jpg or .png) and have it displayed in the report.
In the report add the parameter " direccionfoto " (attached picture_report_00.png) and in the image add it in the key (picture_report_01.PNG).
When executing the, all the parameters appear, but not the image.
overrides = {“report_name”:titulo,
“CT_Name”: name,
“autor_name”: user_name,
“autor_mail”: email,

In file_path try different parameters (Examples: “C: \ Users \ z003wa7r \ Desktop \ download.jpg”, “C: /Users/z003wa7r/Desktop/download.jpg”) and none works.
Could you help me and tell me where I’m wrong? Thank you.

The report is generated by the gateway. The path you supply has to be reachable by the gateway.