Add Image To Gateway Web UI Header

How ability the ability to customize the Gateway Web UI header a bit … possibly add a company logo to it?

… adding a logo to the login prompt when you launch the Designer or other items would be nice as well …

I believe you’re describing white-labeling, which we do offer.

I’m not sure I understand what you consider white-labeling … are you referring to what is being discussed within this post?

I’m not referring to replacing the Ignition branding altogether, rather adding an image alongside it … for example …

… where the Inductive Automation logo to the right could be replaced with any image the user specifies.

:open_mouth: Agh! My eyes! Where did you find that ancient logo??

Ok, I see what you’re saying, and no, thats not white-labeling. This is a good idea, we could incorporate some “co-branding” ideas like this.

Haha, Google Images :smiley: