Add Key Listener to Designer

Hello Everyone,

I have a very high level question. I am always coping individual tag paths using the right click menu on the Tag Browser view. I have always wanted to just be able to accomplish this with a keyboard shortcut, unfortunately this is not available.

My question is, is there a way to implement a key listener using the SDK to the Tag Browser docked view to accomplish this action? Or does someone think there is an easier way to accomplish this tag path copy action?


Probably could root around in the designer’s Swing application window hierarchy to find the tag browser panel. If you can reliably do that, you should be able to access its menu and update that menu item to have your desired short-cut key. If you get it working in jython, I wouldn’t mind adding the result to my Simulation Aids module.

A hint from an IA developer would accelerate this greatly, of course. (:

As always, thank you Phil!
I did not even think about updating the existing menu item! That would be the ideal method.

I don’t have 7.9 handy, but in 8.0 DesignerContext has a getTagBrowser() that returns the TagBrowserPanel, which has some private fields (popup, actions) that should get you started - it might be as simple as adding the relevant Action key to the copy path action, although I don’t know if that will “live-reload” - or fire if you don’t have the context menu open :man_shrugging:

This would be a good feature request for :slight_smile:

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I might poke around over the holiday. As long as it doesn’t cut into play time with my grandkids. (:


Turns out someone did request it on the ideas portal.

It would be great if this could at least be put under review as a new feature.

Also, if anyone does happen to figure out how to shoehorn it in, I would be more than happy to use it. I spent an hour or so looking at the methods in the 7.9 designer, but I just don’t know enough about Java Swing to edit the popup menu.