Add label to marker on map and cluster markers on zoom out


I have a map with several markers on it. I want to be able to add a label to marker shown under the icon. I don't want a popup as I use popups for a different feature.

I also want to cluster icons/markers to a single icon when I zoom out to avoid a bunch of overlaying icons and labels. I imagine a zoom breakpoint where several markers that are in close proximity becomes one piechart icon.

Is this possible in ignition?

Hello theodor_skaufel,

To answer your question, you can configure a tooltip to have a custom message shown when hovering over your label. You can configure a custom tooltip by navigating on the Perspective Property Editor for the map component by going to ui > marker > tooltip > context > text.

For the current configuration of the map component, I have tested the zoom functionality of the component and it does not keep track of how zoomed in the component is. To achieve what you are looking for you can submit a feature request at the link below.