Add new column to a table in a report

How can I add a new column to a table in a report?

Assuming you’re working in Ignition 7.8…

  • Select the table part (e.g. header, row, summary) that you want to change columns for. The project browser can help you select the whole row instead of just a cell in that row.
  • In the property inspector, change the column count. Sometimes you have to temporarily make the table wider to get at this new column, because it tries to preserve your existing widths. After you change the widths, you can make the table the correct size again.
  • Repeat for any other table parts you want more columns for.

Remember if you have row versions, you need to add a column for each version if you want all versions to have the new column.


Thanks Kathy.

Is there any way to make all the columns in a row same size at once?

Not currently. We have a ticket open to implement multi-selection of the columns for things like this, but we haven’t gotten to that one yet.

Has the issue of making all the rows the same size at once been addressed yet?

To be honest I haven’t checked it.