Add or remove value on a tag list

Hello, I have A Custom listTag on my popup and I binded it with tag TagList.
I want to add/remove a value to the tag TagList when I change a value on my popup

I will use the system.tag. WriteBlocking but I think it will delete other value found on my tag TagList.

Someone Can help me ? how to add or remove value on a tag list without deleting previous values

  1. read the tag's value
  2. remove the value you don't want
  3. write the list back to the tag

What is this tag's datatype?

the type of tag is integer

Thank you @pascal.fragnoud , but if there are two users logged in, i think there will be confusion in case both users try to modify the list

What do you want to happen in this case? This would be a problem with any shared data such as in a database but there are ways to manage the problem.

Please edit your original post and add the Perspective or Vision tag.


These two things together don't make any sense. You can't have an integer tag that is simultaneously a list. Can you explain using Ignition terminology what you're trying to do?

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I solved it.

I had created UDT tag webcam,

I have 10 webcam,
I add int tag to remplace tag list on UDT tag webcam
beacause, popup is open when I click on a webcam
when I change value of popup, it will whrite value on int tag instead add on tag list

sorry my question was not clear on the first post

I solved it.

sorry my question was not clear on the first post