Add "Perspective" category or tag to forum?

With the addition of Perspective, some posts are initially ambiguous as to whether they’re related to Vision or Perspective, but are definitely only relevant to one or the other if you dig in deeper. It seems a separate category–or at least a tag–might be helpful.


Feel free to add a perspective tag next time. I don’t see a way to add one ahead of time - I think someone needs to just starting using it.

I may be missing something but there doesn’t seem to be a way to add a new–as in not already in the list of tags–tag when creating a new post. It searches for whatever is typed in, but shows no results for perspective and leaves the tag field blank, leading me to think it must require some kind of admin/mod privilege to add tags.

Okay, I just created one on this post. Hopefully it’s available now.

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That did the trick; thanks!