Add row manually to dropdown

I have a dropdown list that I have bound the data (dataset) to a named query. That I have working. Now I want to manually add another couple of rows to this dropdown that is not returned from the query. What would be the easiest/best practice? I thought about using a custom method which would create the dataset from the named query, then do a system.dataset.addRow which would add these manual options but I don’t get where I would actually call this custom method? The dropdown is always on this window.
I also thought of creating a new dataset custom property where I can essentially do the same but I don’t see how I can have scripting to run the named query then manually add to this dataset?

in perspective you can add a transform script, but im guessing its vision?
Idk much about vision but you could run a project script there with the expresion function “runScript()”

If this named query isn’t used anywhere else you could also use UNION SELECT ... to add the row in the SQL statement. This is one way presented in one of the IA training courses.

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Correct its vision