Add row to power table?

Am I missing something? I don’t see a way to add a row to a power table…

Could you give a context?

Through the dataset viewer?
Using drag and drop?

Sorry, yes. I have a power table I’ve linked to a SQL query to show a table I’m interested in editing. I have editing turned on, and I’d like to add another row during runtime to the table (an INSERT rather than an UPDATE) but can’t seem to figure out how. Is that possible? (e.g. like Access where you have the blank row at the bottom for adding a record)

The table component is going to return the data that is in the database. Since there isn’t an empty record in the database at the bottom of the table you will need to create one. You can run an insert query from a button press and have it insert a new record that contains no data. You could then edit the cells in the table that would update the record in the database.

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Got it. Thanks!