Add Simulator Tags

How do I add simulator tags so that I can have 5 unique writable floating point tags? The generic simulator only offers 2 float writable tags.

The simulator device doesn’t have the ability to create tags other than the ones you can browse to. However, you can create DB SQLTags that you can write to. They are just variables or memory tags in other systems. Right click in the SQLTags Browser and click New -> DB Tag.

Please forgive the obvious lack of due diligence, but I have a follow-up question. Is it possible to see the source code for the OPC-UA Simulator Driver? In addition to allowing a developer to add more tags, it would be helpful to see examples for various data types outside of the provided Weather example.

I’m new here, and very intrigued by the possibilities!

It would be nice if some of the simpler modules such as the Simulator and the UDP/TCP module were open sourced.

I agree, I think they could both be open-sourced. Also, I think it should be possible to add tags to the simulator without having to modify the source code…

Hey Colby, The ability to “add tags” to the simulator dynamically is an excelent idea in my world. We often need to perform off-line testing and user acceptance of any changes (part of change management) but don’t always have access to the “real PLC” while developing & testing this. SO if we were able to “set up” the tags we needed to access in the designer that would be a real plus. Even more so if we can alter the values of those tags via the web interace.

Colby, these sound like great ideas. Any chance of getting the source code sometime soon? That would certainly help the sparse documentation in explaining some of the internal classes. And interesting idea on adding tags outside of the source code. Are you saying that this is currently possible? Or it could be possible, given changes to the code?


Well, I can’t say exactly when this would happen… probably won’t take too long, but with everything else we’re working on right now, I just can say for sure. We also need to work on the documentation for the driver api a bit more. I suspect both of these will happen by 7.3 (late july-ish type timeframe).

It is not currently possible to add tags to the simulator. I was saying that we should upgrade the simulator so that it is possible, because simulators are useful, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to define your own tags.

We’ll see what we can do, but I can definitely say that it probably won’t happen in the next few weeks.