Add SQL info to PLC

I am needing to be able to scan a work order number using ignition, and have ignition query a table in SQL and retrieve the rows of information associated with that number, whether it be 4 rows or 10 rows of data and then insert that info into a data array within a PLC. Is this possible?

It sure is. You can do this with transaction groups or just scripts. If you supply more info. Someone around here can help you.

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I have a project where I can scan a upc code that is a work order number and it is linked to a tag in my project called WorkOrderNumberToSQL, the number populates in the value of the tag in the tag browser but I don’t know where to go from here…

Have you followed any of the barcode scanning topics to get the first part working? If you get the scan-query steps working to display in a table for an operator, it is relatively easy to script writing to the PLC (show your PLC address/datatype details). I’d recommend putting the script on a button so the operator can review the query results before sending to the PLC.