Add Style for normal Table in perspective

Here I have used Normal table.
EX : let's consider the column sample, I make it into center by using align-text in style property it's not working.

Any suggestion's please..
Thanks in advance

See the docs here: Table Column Configurations - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Under the props.columns, you can specify the justification for each column. The style doesn't affect the data in the column.

doesn't work for me !!

Do you have any other styles set on the table?

NO ...Just now I drag that component into the view from components. and changed the

justify as center

and I shared post the result

hmm... do you have any style on the column container? Nothing at all? If no styles anywhere then I'm stumped.

Maybe put it in a completely brand new flex container view? I don't use column containers so maybe there is something with that.

If that doesn't work I'm stumped.

-->Here I put a new flex container and tried ,no expect output comes.

Don't know then. Sorry.

If you look under props.columns.{column_number} there should be a header property. Try setting Justify inside of the header property. You'll also need to make sure each column has the field property set. So, fo the first column, set the field property to city.


I tried the header only coming center

thank you !!

later I have tried by giving the justify too as center under the columns .

Dear @avaughn ,

  for sample its works, but in existing table it doesn't working :worried:

Can you provide screenshots of your configuration for the columns property?

Make sure you've filled the field property of each column you want to display/configure.


yes I did


Can you try setting the field property to Location Of Check? It should exactly match the name of the column in the dataset.

no changes

I believe it’s also case sensitive. Try matching the casing exactly.