Add Text to Symbol Factory Object

I am using Ignition Perspective v8.1.5 and the basic horizontal segment conveyor belt from the Symbol Factory. Is it possible to add text on top of the object such as the name of the conveyor? The objective is to make this a template for all conveyors to follow so that each one could have their name on top of the conveyor. Currently, when adding the label component it gets stuck to one of the sides of the conveyor and does not overlap it.

Can you show us a nicely cropped screengrab of the problem?
What container are you using? Coordinate, Flex, other?

I am just using a normal root container. I am trying to get that text label to overlap the conveyor.

There’s no such thing as a “normal root container”. When you create a view you have to choose between Column, Tab, Breakpoint, Coordinate or Flex. You have chosen Flex so the components are laid out using the CSS Flexbox rules. If you want to be able to overlay components then you need to use the Coordinate view.

A screengrab of a coordinate container (note the XY icon on the root) with a Symbol Factory horizontal conveyor segment and label component overlay. (Note also what I meant by nicely cropped and the difference in legibility.)

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I would add another ‘text’ element to the conveyor svg.

“type”: “text”,
“fill”: {
“paint”: “#000000
“style”: {
“fontSize”: 8
“name”: “text”,
“text”: “Conveyor #1”,
“x”: 0,
“y”: -4

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