Add the Perspective module to existing 8.1.17 gateway without restarting service

I feel pretty stupid asking this question, as there might be a simple solution ("go to IA's website and download and add the module") but is there a way to add the Perspective module to a gateway without going through the installer? I'm trying to avoid restarting the customer's gateway - if it can't be done, I'll have to schedule a time to do it but I would like to avoid that, obviously.

I've never run into this situation before as I have done 95% Perspective-only development.

You download the module for the release you're using from the website.

I do think the install might require you to restart the gateway; I don't honestly know whether we test if it works on a "live" load.

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Here it is for future reference: Current Ignition Release | Inductive Automation

I will try hot-loading the Perspective module sometime today and report back how it goes.