Added main window does not appear in client view

I am currently working on a project with several pages designed by previous people using Ignition SCADA 7.9.9. I want to expand the project and add new pages. When I create a new main window in the designer and save & publish it, the added window does not appear in the Client (runtime) window. What should I do to fix this problem?

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I have moved your question from General Discussion to Ignition and add the "Vision" tag.

Here's the definition of a "Main Window":

A Main window is one that is set to start maximized, and has its Border and Titlebar display policies set to 'When Not Maximized' or 'Never.' This will make the window take up all available space (minus space used by any "docked" windows). This makes the window act much like a typical "HMI screen." There can be many main windows in a project, but only one should be open at any time since they would all overlap.

It doesn't mean that it's the startup window.

If you want it to open on startup then right-click on the Window in the Project Browser and set as shown below.

Vision open on startup

Otherwise you need to provide some way to navigate to that window.

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