Added meaning to history states

We have a lot of binary information coming in. ie: 1 or 0. Our screens translate this into pretty pictures that show the operators what’s happening. The operators also like checking out the history to do fault analysis. The history only stores 1 or 0. The problem is the operators want to know what a 1 or 0 means. open? closed? enabled? disabled? limit reached? etc.

How do you guys handle this? In our case there is no consistency. Even within a single device type, each instance of a device may have the same point programed differently. eg: a 1 in device A might be open. Device B install a year later by a different installer might be programmed for 0 to be open.

I make everything consistent in my system. Ill use scaling on the sqltag to swap the state if the device isnt 1=alarm 0 =normal.

I use the status chart to display the history of some Boolean tags.