Added S71200 PLC under OPC UA but not showing in OPC Server drop down in Tag Editor

I have added a Siemens S71200 PLC using the OPC UA Device Connections.
It is showing connected, but when I go to create a new tag the drop down under OPC Server is blank.

Am I missing a step?

thank you

What version of Ignition are you using?

I kind of remember a bug where maybe if you had a different tag provider selected in the Tag Browser, or the focus was in the wrong place, or something like that... it caused this to happen.

Does this server show up on the OPC Quick Client page in the Ignition Gateway?

Hi Kevin,
I am using version 8.1.31
The server doesn't show up in OPC Quick Client page, but it does show up as connected in OPC device Connections.
If I change from default to system, and drill down, I can see it under Gateway Devices....

If you made a native driver connection under "Device Connections", then you need to have Ignition's normal loopback OPC connection to itself turned on. (Which is how Ignition comes out-of-the-box, so something must have turned it off.)

You haven't defined an OPC UA connection to it then, you defined a driver connection using the S7 driver.

edit: and yes, as Phil said, something is wrong because you don't seem to have the "loopback" OPC UA connection to Ignition's own OPC UA server defined.

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Than you for the quick replies,
Where would I turn on Ignition's normal loopback OPC connection?

Thanks again....

I found it...
Settings under OPC Connections