Adding 2 hours but the system puts 3 hours (using

I am trying to add 2 hours so I can get the start date as March, 12, 2am..
So far, I am using this script on the Script Console, but the system adds one more hour.
Is there a bug on the Ignition for this?
Same thing happens when I try to get the date March, 12, 4am.. The system adds one more hour

start =, 2, 12) #March = month 2, day 12
start =, 2) #March = month 2, day 12, @ 2am
print start

Can someone give me a hint on how I can get the start date as March, 12, 2am ?

Not sure but at a guess daylight saving on the original time?

I would add an additional print start between lines 4,5

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Using your tip, I see there's a difference between PST and PDT:

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Lol. I asked silly question. Thank You.

Nah it's not silly. Post your final solution, it may help others that stumble across this thread.

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Final solution is my realization of changing from PST to PDT...

daylight savings Time Period

Using the page helps a lot

Not a bad guess then :slight_smile:

Glad you got sorted.

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Thank YOU!