Adding a Automation Direct Pac 3000

I am trying to add a Pac 3000 PLC to our devices and it says that it connected in the device manager using the Modbus driver. Is this the correct driver and do I need to do something special to get to the tags that I need? This is the first Pac 3000 that we have that is being looked at on Ignition.

Sounds like you’ve got everything set up correctly.

The Modbus protocol has no notion of browsing, so you won’t see any tags appear when you browse the device other than those you’ve explicitly mapped out in the address configuration for that device (there’s a link next to the entry in the device list). Once you’ve mapped out some ranges you can then browse and drag tags in.

Alternatively, you can address just the tags you need by manually creating SQLTags for each one. The user manual has a section about the syntax for describing Modbus addresses.

In either case, it’s up to you to know which addresses contain the data you need to get to. This can usually be figured out from the programming software, the user manual for that device, or some combination of the two.

I could follow your example with the DL 06’s and their addressing scheme, but I am lost when it comes to the address map and what needs to be entered into the fields. here is a pic of one of the tags I need and what I have tried.

The PAC3000 doesn’t follow the same memory scheme as the DL06.

Instead of a fixed memory layout, it has a dynamic tag database where you can define your own tags. Each PAC3000 tag has a setting for a associated Modbus address that must be assigned before it can be read or written to using the Modbus protocol. Once these are assigned, you can reference them in Ignition’s Modbus device setup.

I must not be entering the correct value for one of the fields. I assigned a modbus address in the Pac and when I did it gave it a start modbus address of 400001 and an end Modbus address of 400002. When I look at the tag in the data viewer it shows a modbus address of 400001. When i enter 400001 into the modbus address field in the gateway it gives me an error shown in the screen cap and then chops the 1 off leaving me with 40000. Thanks

Just address it as 1. The leading 4 is indicating that it’s supposed to be a Holding Register.

I figured it out. I was having trouble figuring out what to put in the prefix fields. Thanks