Adding a column before another: issue with bindings

Hi guys,
In a Perspective Table, I added a column to props.columns before an existing column, and the bindings on my existing column didn’t stay on it. Instead, they were now applied on the new column.

Known behavior. Bindings into arrays have fixed subscripts. Discussed ad-nauseum on this forum. I believe the last determination from IA was “not a bug, won’t fix”.

Well that’s bummer. Weird that they don’t consider it a viable scenario. I guess to keep bindings intact if you bind directly on props.columns?

Thanks anyway.

Yes, it is best to generate the entire array in the binding if you need what would otherwise be movable bindings.

Its simply not possible to do, json array’s are indexed my number.
A program cant know if what ever is in it moves to a different index or not.
That would require a structured object, which also has its downsides, which is why there is a combination of both in ignition.

It might be useful if igntion would give a warning when you bind something to an array though