Adding a document from my computer to a shared disk with perspective

I had a document control project in the Vision module, which I need to change to perspective,
the main functionality is to take a PDF document from any computer and save it in a folder in a shared disk in the "C:", ignition perspective does not have the "file" options in its functions, and I don't know how I could implement this functionality.

Perspective, being browser based, is subject to browser security practice and features. That means that file upload will be manual and file download to the user's computer will be manual.

It is not clear what you mean by "in the C:".
Do you mean you want to save it in the Ignition gateway's (Windows) C: drive or some other network-attached drive?

each computer has a shared disk in the network, it is also shared with the server where the gateway is, and it is necessary that it is saved in that internal path in each one of those computers where the users will have the app. But as it is shared, I think that a gateway script can also be used.

is a network space, that is used with Windows

Are you sure that you understand that there is no application running on the client - only the web browser. The application is running on the gateway.

If you search the forum for "shared network drive" you will find many posts such as this one.

Of course, but I was wondering if with the component to load documents, there was a way to save it in the shared disk in the gateway, I don't know what script could be used for that.

Than you for the response

You would need to use a File Upload component.