Adding a hyperlink on a window

is there a way to add a active hyperlink on a window. like say if I want to have a support email listed on a page, and the user can click on it to launch outlook. I searched the forum and the manual but the only thing that comes up about hyperlinks involves the document viewer. I also tried html code on a label and that didnt work.

Just use a label component and make the text blue and underlined. Then you can just add a mouseClicked event to the component doing the following:system.util.execute(["C:\\Program Files\\Outlook\\Outlook.exe"])That is probably the wrong path but you get the idea.

Travis’ answer is right, but could be improved by using a command like this:


That will be more resilient so it will work (on Windows anyways) no matter what email client the user has configured.

perfect. thanks carl.

Thanks again Carl for this command!

To go further, I found this out:

mailto:<to email>?cc=<cc email>&bcc=<bcc mail>&subject=<subject text>&body=<body text>
I should be able to use this syntax to populate all the other fields, right?

Yet in Ignition I can pass only one more parameter after the adress, meaning that the example below just populates the cc field but not the next ones. Why is that?


Try using instead:"")

Perfect, thanks! :prayer: