Adding a Logo image to a report

I added an image placeholder to a report so that I can add a simple logo (JPG or PNG) to my report headers. I figured at first that there would be a property to link an image in the Image Library, but it appears that isn’t the case.

I see from other posts that I need to link the image to the Key property, but I am missing the point. How can I easily add my logo image to my report header?

Using Ignition 7.9.2

Thank you,

Easiest solution: Simply drag and drop the image from your computer onto the report designer:

For some reason the drag and drop isn’t working for me.

I have tried different supported image types as listed in the link. I am on the Design tab of the report, but when I drag the image onto the report designer, my cursor changes to the circle with the line through it indicating that the image file cannot be dragged and dropped there.

I’m trying to drag anywhere on the report designer, and I also tried dragging on top of an image placeholder.

Any ideas what still might be wrong?