Adding a new item to the Database Schema

I have inherited an ignition application that requires a few modifications.
On one of the windows the Label text is binding/ linked to a Dynamic Dataset called “state”.
This Dynamic Dataset is binding/linked using the SQL Query.
When I Select Tools -> Database Query Browser
I can see a list of “Schema” on the right hand side.

My question is how do I add a new item to the Schema tab?

This should be done using the management tools for the database.

For MSSQL you would use SQL Server Management Studio. For Oracle I believe it would be Oracle SQL Developer. For other databases I don’t know.

The ‘Schema’ list actually shows the list of tables in the currently selected database. You can add a new table using the Database Query Browser as long as the Designer is set to read/write mode.

For help with the syntax to add a table using SQL have a look at