Adding A Row to a Table Using an Icon Instead of Data

Within a Perspective view, I am trying to fill a table with 6 columns worth of data, with a 7th column existing to show an X icon to allow the user to delete the row when clicked. Is there a way to add this column to the table without adding a view parameter to the dataset? I want to avoid this because the icon will be the same in every row no matter what, so I'd prefer to add it as some type of default value for that 7th column in the table.


The table component isn't great at doing what you're asking. I would just have a separate button somewhere for 'Delete' that is enabled with you have a row selected on the table.

If you want to do what you're asking, create a view for a 'row' that is a flex container. You can put the button there along with labels for your data. Then use a flex repeater on your row view to generate the table look.