Adding a schedule to users under Active directory

I want to set schedule for users under a AD user source. How can I do that? Can I do that using script?

Hi @sudipta.tripathy -

Have you looked at the following page in the user manual? -

If that doesn’t help you, we need more information for your use case.

I have an issue with the schedule configuration as well. I usually use a Active Directory User Source and I use the User Roles from Active Directory to authorize the user to do things in the application. When I want to add schedules to that source, it is not possible (makes sense because there is no place where Ignition could store the schedule information). When I create an AD/Hybrid source, I can add a schedule but I’m not able to get the roles of the user from Active Directory (Only the user information like name/mail etc.). Is there a way to benefit from both?(roles from AD, Schedule stored of DB or internally) If not, do you plan to implement that feature?

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