Adding a Sparkline chart to a column in a Table


I was imaging that it would be better, If I could able to display a Spark-line chart inside a one of the column of Table/Power Table(Sample Image attached). How to proceed for doing this, Your suggestions are required for a way to approach this challenge.

Thank You.

a template repeater would be more suitable than a power table to achieve this.


You can embed a dynamic sparkline chart inside a cell in Excel sheet tables like your sample screenshot. It’s not possible with the Table/PowerTable components of Ignition. They are designed to pull data from a database and display it in a table. If you want to display dynamic sparkline charts next to the table, just draw a column adjacent to the table and display something like this.

Yeah this isn’t true.

While it is not easy (My example isnt fully completed), in the most simplistic form, you just have to return an instance of SparklineChart as the renderer for the cell. Getting the bindings to work, however, is quite a bit more work.

As mazeyrat stated, it would probably be easier to create a “table” from the template repeater that mimics what you are trying to replicate, as opposed to dealing with life cycle management and such of the spark lines. Good luck!