Adding and removing calendar events dynamically

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Our client wanted a time off calendar for the users to utilize through ignition. I’m having a hard time figuring out the best way to add and remove calendar events. I currently have it set up using the “month view” calendar component, and I set up a script using “system.dataset.addrow” to add in new data to the “calendar events” dataset. I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to remove a specific event, given that multiple events on the calendar might have the same description. Is there a tool to modify a dataset from the window, that operates similar to the dataset viewer? Here is what it looks like so far:

Any ideas on how to make this work, or make it simpler for the user?


I’ve actually had to do something very similar for a customer in the past. They wanted a plant scheduling feature that I implemented via a popup window and the month view component. I primarily relied on python to get the certain event and SQL for adding or removing the event. My approach was a script to display a popup menu whenever the user right clicked on a day, and they could select what they wanted to do. Whenever they would click a day, I would grab the date of the day they clicked and if there was more than one event in between the beginning of that day and midnight, it would display a popup that they could select which event they wanted to remove. Although it doesn’t appear you’re using SQL here, I don’t see why the same thing couldn’t be done with a dataset in Ignition.

You could also have the script to remove events on the table in the bottom right. ID’ing the events would probably also be very helpful.

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The component has a selectedEvent property, which is just the row number of the event in the events dataset. Then just use system.dataset.deleteRow.

If I wanted to make the specific row number visible in the table so the users would know what event coordinates with a specific row number, is there a way I can make it show up?

Bind the selectedRow property on the table to the selectedEvent property on the calendar.

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That looks like it will work. Thanks!