Adding authProfile to

Could the authProfile parameter be added to, password, event, hideError) ?
I’d lik to be able to switchUser with the new user checked in an authProfile different from the default profile.

Architecturally speaking, this doesn’t make any sense. Security on tags, windows, etc is tied to one profile. I don’t think its possible, and even if it was, I have no idea what the use case is. If your just looking to validate extra roles, you can always chain auth profiles together, or validate using, which does take an authProfile variable in its call.

Yes it’s bit special.
With standard ignition ldap profile i can just authentificate but cant have the roles.
Ldap provided by IT is configured with a way which dont go with ignition for roles and IT dont want to modify that.
So i use hybrid auth. But I need to declare users a second time for roles attibution.

I would like to avoid that by a trick :
After the connection i make a jython script which query ldap to get the role and i switch user to a default local user corresponding to the role.
The smartest solution would be to develop a dedicated authentification module, but need times and a few doc or example about entry point in the SDK !

What mazeyrat is doing makes sense if you are providing a very intense user-configurable environment and trying to debug and/or test it. Comments?

BTW, mazeyrat, I mentioned the lack of a good authentication example at the Community Conference (we still love your stuff, Carl and Colby) so the new technical writer will hopefully help with that (wink, wink , girl!).