Adding Column to Historical Data Table

Is there an easy way to add a column to a table that is bound to Historical Tag data? The problem is that the Tag Names don’t mean much in plain english. I’d like to add a human friendly description to each tag if possible (for example “Pump 1”, “Pump 2”…etc).

What would be even better would be if I could bind the new column to the “documentation” field of the historical tag’s realtime counterpart.

The tags in the table don’t need to be historical, but I couldn’t find a way to easily add multiple realtime tags. I understand that the way to do this would be through creating a dataset, but I haven’t got that far yet. The fields I’m interested in are name, value and documentation (description).

This has long been a desire of ours as well.
We actually coded a workaround that grabs the active tags from sqltags_te, then uses the tag paths to grab the toolTip field values for each tag, write this dataset to a dataset tag and then coded a custom tag browser tree to utilize the toolTip text in place of the tag paths.
Its a ton of code that would easily be replaced by an alias field on the history tab. :frowning: