Adding components to an existing group

Say I have 10 numeric labels and I group 6 of them (select all, right click and create group). Then later I want to add some of the other buttons to that same group, but since I now have bindings and scripting on that group I don’t want to just ungroup and then regroup with the new components. Is there a way to add components to an existing group?

Click on the group a couple of times, it should highlight the border of a group in a red/pink color. Paste the object into the group.

OR, click the group until it’s highlighted, then drag a new component into it.


Hey Chris… was browsing around and noticed this… a little late on the advice, but maybe it will assist someone else. I find the best way is Ctrl-X the object(s) you want to move, select the target group from the Project Browser and then press Ctrl-I to paste into the group at the same screen position they were previously.

As you were,


It did assist me! I was trying a bunch of things. I was removing the group, then adding everything I wanted into a new group (with same name) and hoping I set all of the bindings right on the new group. Really ugly. I can’t believe that a regular paste doesn’t work and you have to use a “paste immediate”. Thank you for saving a lot of frustration!

Just so you know…it definitely helped me :slight_smile: