Adding Control Logix tags

This problem doesn’t seem to repeat itself 100%, but usually.

  1. Add a new tag to a Control Logix processor.
  2. Immediately after, add the SQL tag to Ignition, but do not add it via browsing the plc, just type the name in, or more typically copy another tag and change the name by typing.
  3. Ignition will not be able to get the tag from the PLC and it will not be on the list of tags when browsing the plc via Ignition

I’ve tried ‘refresh browse’ on the Gateway, and it sits for a long time-- 30 minute+ saying browse pending… I don’t know if it ever resolves itself, whenever I’ve encountered this, I’ve needed to get it working fairly quickly.

Problem is resolved by restarting the Gateway service.
If I do the same procedure, but refresh browse prior to adding the SQL tag, there is no problem.

I don’t really need a solution for this as the work around is pretty easy–either remember to do a browse or restart gateway.

What version of Ignition are you using?


I think I am having the same problem. Tags are added in the PLC and they do not show up in the OPC Browser. “Browse Pending” in the Device status.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Running 7.3.1 (b496).


Can one of you two export your logs from the console area of the gateway and send them to Preferably, export the logs after/while you have the “Refresh Browse” stuck.