Adding CTG to a project in version 7.7

Has anyone added click to graph to a project in Ignition version 7.7? Obviously the scripting will not work right out of the box, since “app.” has become “project.”

I know that when I upgrade existing projects to version 7.7, it automatically creates the app. package under “Legacy Scripts,” but I don’t see any way to add Legacy Scripts to a new project.

Do I need to just edit all of the CTG scripts to point to “project.”, instead of “app.”?

I’m using CTG with 7.7.2 but mine was upgraded with it installed. If you move it to shared or project based scripts you should be fine.Just make sure you point to the correct path like you said.

It looks like it is going to be a chore to change all the needed scripts over from app. to project. Also, I don’t see a way to add a custom palette in version 7.7.2.
It would be nice to be able to add legacy scripts to a project, but I don’t see a way to do it. Maybe I could import them from an existing project that has been upgraded to 7.7.2?

how many tags are in your system?

I duplicated the functionality of the click to graph system, but I built the datasets dynamically in scripting and only saved in the database if the user chose to save a graph. I found this worked better than the click to graph as it was, although I did borrow alot of the screens.

Our system had 100k’s of tags, but the folder/tag structure was predictable so it made it easy to do.

Hi guys, i am relatively new to ignition. I am currently trying to implement the ctg feature. i am able to add pens to the graph and save graphs, however i am unable to get the graph to update when i right click on a tag and add it to a graph.
I am thinking it is something to do with the tag-path of the selected tag, has anyone had these issues?

For example the tag path on ctg table shows ‘Enterprise/Site/Area/Line/AnalogPoints/tagname_historian’

The tag-path on the numeric label reads ‘Enterprise/Site/Area/Line/AnalogPoints/tagname’ without the _historian.

I have used the numeric label from the ctg palette.

I found my error. I didnt update the PointID!!

Here is an export of the screens and script modified to work with version 7.7.5

The modifications are very simple.

  1. Open with editor and search and replace “app.ctg” with “project.ctg”
  2. Create a project script name it “ctg”
  3. Copy the modified script into “ctg”
  4. Right click on Windows inside the Project Browser and select Import Window(s).
  5. Close any open windows inside the designer
  6. Open all the CTG windows
  7. Do a Find/Replace
    A) Uncheck all except “Windows”
    B) Select “Open Windows”
    C) type under find “app.ctg.”
    D) type under replace “project.ctg.”
    E) Click Find (Should find 8 occurrences)
    F) Click Replace All

Save Windows and Enjoy. :laughing:
Ignition_ctg.proj (232 KB)