Adding custom components to alarm status table - Perspective

Is it possible to embed a Perspective component as a column in an alarm status table? This screenshot is an example of what I’d like to achieve; for each alarm there should be a button in one of the columns which can also reference the value of the alarm.

Or is it possible to put this button in the alarm details popup which shows after clicking on the ellipsis next to the alarm?

I’ve tried using a flex repeater which duplicates the button for every alarm (using the property) however there are issues with layout and scrolling.

I am open to using the Ignition SDK and creating custom components in typescript but I’m not sure if/how these components would be able to be embedded in the alarm status table…

Any help is much appreciated


This is actually what I was going to recommend, because right now there is no way to display a View-based column in the Alarm Status Table. What were the layout/scrolling issues you encountered?

So when the Alarm Status Table has a scrollbar inside of it and you scroll through the alarms, the buttons stay in place. If the buttons were embedded inside the column then they would scroll along with the alarms. I’m not sure how to get around this issue

Oh, okay, I misunderstood what your issue was, believing it to be with the layout of the Flex Repeater - not an issue with synchronizing the scroll behaviors.

While I’m not saying we couldn’t provide some sort of notification functionality, it seems like it would duplicate the functionality and purpose of the Alarm Pipelines. This functionality would also require some sort of config which would in fact mirror the setup required for Alarm Pipelines.