Adding each column values in a dataset

I have a table with three historian tags with its time stamp. I also have two date picker for start date and end date. It is working well when i select the date range and it displays the values of each of this tags with its time stamp. I would like to add (sum of each value of the column) each of this tag value and display in a text field or label as subtotal. In summary, kind of Subtotal function of excel. Is that possible?
Can any one help me on this?

Yes, there’s a sum() expression function exactly for this purpose. Unfortunately, the docs server is down or I’d link to it for you. /-:


ptumel, I just found and Infact Travis was posted that function and its great. Working well.
this community forum is great. thanks for the help…

sum({Root},“ColumeName”). I put an expression as the value of a display label…

How did you get your start date and end dates to match up with your data values?