Adding image paths to template repeater

I would like to reference my created template in my template repeater. My template consists of an image path however I would like to be able to have it so that my template can be three different images. How can I then have my template repeater repeat the template but with different pictures based on my custom properties? For example I would like my first picture to be associated with “custompropertya” second picture associated with “custompropertyb” and the last picture with “custompropertyc”.

You could use a template parameter to achieve this. If you have a parameter called pictureType
You could pass in the imagePath or a Integer value and then use the expression language inside the template that will point to the different image paths.

How would I use expression language inside the template to point to the different image paths?

if(<some_condition>, <photo_path_one>, if(<some_secondary_condition>, <photo_path_two>, <photo_path_three>))

as a binding for the image component.

Old post, but…
I would stack your 3 images on top of each other with visibility expressions to hide/show them. The reason not to simply set the path is that I’ve had a number of times where this has failed to change the image, despite the expression evaluating to show a different image path. I will always now use stacked images instead.
Actually that’s not quite true, I will always try not to use images at all, and use vectors instead.