Adding pictures to the SQL DB

Hi guys, I’m working on creating a window for quality guys to enter data as a quality alert comes in such as part numbers, dates names and so on so we can have them on the DB rather than excel files, these are all pretty straight forward but one, the image. what would be the best approach? having a picture of the quality issue is a must and I’m trying to figure out the best approach. Another reason I want the pic is so I can display that alert in a pdf format on the line screen when it comes in and I need to have to picture on there.

Thank you


Pictures are just an array of bytes, which you can store as a blob in your database. (Check on the size of the pictures first, so you can see how big of a blob you need. I’ve learned that one the hard way.) So if your picture was already on disk, the code example at … ileAsBytes will do exactly what you want.

Thank you Kathy, I tried that and it worked great… now what would be a good way to display the picture say on a report? Management wants to see the quality alerts on TVs at the end of the lines and i figured showing them as a report would be a good way to go but first I need to insert the pic in there.

never mind, got it working, I can now put a PDF file in the DB and be able to display it from the DB. Thanks a lot for the earlier help Kathy! :thumb_right:

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