Adding popup video perspective

Hello everybody,

I want to use videoplayer component in perspective but could not found detailed explanations or examples. I want the video to pop up and play due to certain tag being 1 and closing the video if the tag is 0 basically. What is going to be video source do I upload it to the pc or gateway and how do I make it popup and close? Have not used this feature before so I really appreciate if there is an example you guys can give me.


What are you trying to show in the video player?
There are a few ways to show the popup on tag trigger. I would probably create a custom session prop and bind its value to the trigger tag. Then add a Change Script and call the system.perspective.openPopup function to open your popup if the session prop is 1/True and close it if it’s 0/False.

Hello nminchin I am trying to open a regular video. I saw from the training video that he upload the video to webdev but we dont have the webdev licansed. How do I upload the video and define the source?

For pop up part do you mean putting the video in seperate view and using this view to popup and close? Or does the video player have the option to popup and close by itself?

Try copying your videos to:
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\webserver\webapps\main\

Note however that upgrading or reinstalling Ignition will wipe this folder out.

Then you should be able to use the source:
http://<Ignition IP or hostname>:8088/main/video.mp4