Adding property on alarm configuration


I am trying to add an AlarmProperty on the alarm configuration. I managed to register this property in the gateway, using

This property is a simple implementation of the AlarmPropery interface and the value of the property is another class that I defined.

Unfortunatelly, when I look at the alarm in the designer, it throws some error:

Editor not registered for property type 'class myclass'

Is there a way to register a custom editor for a custom alarm property? The only thing I could find was Designer.addPropertyEditor, but I don’t this is the right API. I look in the TagEditor api, but there is nothing there that seems to do the job…

Any chance to add custom editor API for alarm properties?




Support for a custom editor could be added later. For now, you’ll have to keep your custom properties to basic data types, like String, Boolean, Double, or an enum.


I have been trying hard with simple properties, but I am facing two problems:

  • how to have a the value of a String property limited to a list of values (Can’t use an enum as the list is dynamic) ?
  • how to have a property which values depends on other properties to update its value when the dependent values changes?


Yes, the first will be a bit difficult. I’m not sure if you really have many options to enforce certain values, unfortunately.

As for the second point, though, that should just be as easy as binding the associated data to an expression. Maybe if you give me a more detailed example of what you want to do I can offer some suggestions. What is the bound property changing on? What are the possible result values?