Adding tags for Modbus TCP PLC

I have some error regarding adding tags to the design, as the plc connected is Delta DVP SS2, but i can’t add a single tag. Kindly advise

Do you have documentation for your device that tells you what registers data is mapped to? Does that device even support Modbus TCP?

Thanks for your quick response, please find below the coils i need to read and the datasheet for the PLC connected to Ignition:

Taslaal (Input, Output and Memory address)
PLC I/P Tag No. Comment PLC O/P Tag No. Comment Memory Bits Comment
X24 Auto P1 M200 Local
X25 Run P1 M100 Remote
X41 Stop P1 M201 Local mode active
X26 Trip P1 M12 P3 Standby
X27 Auto P2 M13 P2 Standby
X30 Run P2 M23 P1 Standby
X31 Trip P2 Y22 P1 ON M41 P1 Start from HMI
X42 Stop P2 Y23 P2 ON M51 P1 Stop from HMI
X32 Auto P3 Y24 P3 ON M1 P1 ON
X33 Run P3 M46 Level meter
X34 Trip P3 M61 P1 Remote
X43 Stop P3 M42 P2 Start from HMI
T 250 P1 Run tim
er (Seconds) M52 P2 Stop from HMI
C0 P1 minute counter M2 P2 ON
C1 P1 Hour counter M62 P2 Remote
C2 P1 Days counter M43 P3 Start from HMI
C3 P1 Year counter M53 P3 Stop from HMI
T251 P2 Run timer (Seconds) M3 P3 ON
C4 P2 minutes counter M63 P3 Remote
C5 P2 Hours counter M20 Trip Error
C6 P2 days counter
C7 P2 Years counter


First on the basics, have you followed example 4 in the manual on page 2-48 for configuring the device to set COM1,2, or 3 to RTU mode, 9600 Baud, 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit? I don’t believe Ignition can do Modbus ASCII.

Beyond that, what Modbus address do you presently have configured to read from? If I understand page 4-11 correctly, than C0 should be modbus address 003585 (I’d also try reading from one higher and one lower to see if you need to adjust the one-based addressing option in the driver on the gateway).

If you’re still not getting any data, what sort of error messages are you seeing in the logs on the gateway? That information can point you in the right direction for what is misconfigured.

When it comes to modbus on a new device, I always recommend going slow. Start with one address of one datatype and once that part is figured out, add a second address of a second datatype, that way if you get any error messages you know exactly where to troubleshoot!