Adding Text to tag bindings

I'm trying to use a text (or numeric) field to display the contents of a tag. I can bind the tag to the text field and it works just fine. The tag is a number in milliseconds. In the text field I would like to have the tag contents and add "ms" after it.
I haven't been able to find the right syntax to make it work.

Create an expression binding on the tag and concatenate the ' ms' string to it (with a space as per SI standard).

ms binding

This generally isn't a good idea - especially for a Text component which would typically be bound to a tag or property. The user should only be able to edit the numeric value. Having the units in there will mess things up. Keep your GUI "standard".

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Thank you. I was close. I was trying to use && instead of +.

See my update (completed while you were responding).

Why are you adding the units into what should be a value entry component? Adding units to a label wouldn't be so bad but you'll struggle to right-align numeric fields if you have several in a column.

This particular field is display only. The customer wants it to look as much like their example as possible.

How would you display the tags engineering unit instead of static text?

{[default]myTag} + " " + {[default]myTag.EngUnit}

All of the tag's properties are selectable from the Browse Properties button on the right side of the Configure Expression Binding dialog.