Adding text to the bottom of the home page (V8.1)

Since Ignition acts (and actually is) a webpage, and as we are launching a Gateway in China - Chinese regulations require us to put our ICP license # and company information at the bottom of our “Home” page. A single line of text (though it would be Chinese characters) is all that is required. What’s the simplest way to accomplish this? (if indeed, it is doable)

If you put a load balancer or other reverse proxy in front of your gateway, it can provide anything you like as a home page.

You don’t even need a frontend - you can set a ‘Homepage Redirect URL’ in the gateway settings:

That’s cool, but I worry that a redirect or proxy will likely get one’s license revoked as they are very touchy about controlling what is displayed (even though this isn’t a “public” website per se, such fine distinctions are not appreciated, especially if they are US in origin)

I just need to add one line of text at the bottom… I’ll use the redirect if that’s the only way

You can use a relative redirect, so if you’re (for instance) already using Perspective, you could literally have your homepage be a Perspective project.

In theory, you could crack open the gateway.jar and update the resource file (BasePage.FooterTextBottom) to add a new key. You’d then need to pack it back up into a .jar.

In practice, I have no idea if that would work, and it might be further legally dicey with IA :man_shrugging:. You’d also have to repeat the process with each Ignition upgrade.

I would LOVE to have a perspective session be my home page… that would solve many problems EXCEPT that the switchuser script function doesn’t work.
So, that brings up two more questions - slightly off-topic:

  1. Is there a Gateway level , Perspective equivalent to switchUser? (I would have thought that “Gateway scoped”)
  2. More generally, as I am new to Perspective, is there a doc that lists the functions that I know and love that don’t work in Perspective? I’ve seen other topics that instruct to look at the scope of each function, but I don’t see that in the user manual.

No, due to technical limitations of what an IdP exposes to Ignition (even Ignition’s own IdP). I think the closest functionality would be system.perspective.login with the forceAuth parameter.

There’s no collection, but all of the script-related pages in the appendix of the manual should have a ‘Scope’ indication:

That worked great! Except… I cant get to any Vision projects from there - and that’s kinda the object of my new home page: to allow the user to launch (only) their projects that they have permission for. System.util.retarget in perspective obviously doesn’t work (unless you guys have put in the JSON push mentioned in the post, linked above, from a year ago)
I don’t suppose i could have a Vision project as my home page???

No, because Vision doesn’t have any ability to be mounted on a web page. It would probably be possible to find the list of Vision project names in the gateway scope - but then what are you going to do with that list without the deep linking (which, no, hasn’t yet been implemented)? I would just add a static redirect to the Vision client launcher download page, as we do on the default homepage.

Thank you, that’ll do for now on this China install. I’m learning a lot installing Ignition on an Alibaba VM in mainland China! First, If I don’t get my ICP license number in Chinese on the bottom of my home page, I’ll get shut down. My home page is now a perspective page (in Chinese) so that’s ok. Thank you VERY much for the great suggestions to get this accomplished!
(My next step was to install a SSH cert… but NOPE! - encrypting traffic so that the gov’mint can’t read it will get you shut down too! Oh well, one less thing for me to do)