Adding Tree View Window for one Tab Strip


I practicing ignition, My objective is to display tree hierarchy when I select one tab of tab strip component.
As of I added a new main window, and added two separate containers to that window(Just as providing layout to that main window) and created another main window which has only tree view component in it.
Configured tab to open a that tree view window when I click a one tab from the other main window.

But, Problem I am facing is whenever I click a tab, the tree component is opening in a new window. Actually I wanted the tree view component to open inside the one of the container under the tab.

It would be grateful if someone guide me in this…

& also I would Like to understand deeply on windows & navigations apart from the Ignition online docs.

You can’t mix awindow navigation mode and container mode in the same tabstrip. It sounds like you want to have everything is one window, so just disable the navigation mode. Then place your treeview in the container.[quote=“, post:1, topic:17870”]
I would Like to understand deeply
Have you done all of Inductive University yet? Do that first – many questions will be answered.

Yet to go ahead with few more topics, Thanks.